About Us

When it’s make or break, you want the best. You want a team that’s seen it all, yet knows the latest and greatest trends, technologies and tools.


At Karbo Communications, we know how to map a path to success. Not because we’ve done it once or twice, but because we’ve done it too many times to count.

Our senior staff have ushered in technologies such as the cloud, social networking, apps, enterprise networking, gaming and wearable technology. We’ve worked with some of the hottest companies and pioneers in tech, whether it goes back years, or just yesterday. With Karbo Communications, you don’t get bench players, you get the industry’s top people working with you everyday, whether it’s developing positioning, pitching reporters or writing content.

Julie A. Karbo

Founder & CEO

With more than 30 years in the technology industry, Julie Karbo’s strategic marketing and communications experience originated with the birth of...


Margaret Pereira

Senior Vice President

A long-time PR pro with numerous corporate and product launches to her credit, Margaret Pereira has achieved award-winning, highly successful...


Kim Brosowsky

Vice President

With more than eight years of experience, Kim Brosowsky has been integral in launching multiple brands and assisting early stage startups with...


Sian Blevins

Vice President

Spending most of her career immersed in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area, Sian brings extensive technology experience to her role at...


Courtney Stack

Head of Content and Digital Marketing

As the head of Karbo Communications content and digital marketing group, Courtney Stack leverages the power of smart storytelling and thoughtful...


Mark Elkins

Head of Human Resources and Operations

Mark brings over 16 years of Human Resources and Operations experience to the table as our Head of Human Resources...