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What a Year

January 11, 2018

Last year was full of blessings for the Karbo Com team and our clients. As we begin the new year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on 2017’s challenges and accomplishments. We are grateful for it all.

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An Oasis in the Desert

December 13, 2017

When you think of Palm Springs, you reflect on warm, welcoming weather and lush oases nestled in unforgiving terrain. It’s relaxing enough to encourage freedom of thought, yet the harshness of the surrounding desert reminds you not to get too comfortable.

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Your Star Turn: How to Prepare for a Podcast Interview

October 25, 2017

Coming from a background in radio, I presented monologues and conducted dialogues over the airwaves for two and a half years. My coverage varied from current events, to school and business promotions, to music and humor. No matter what genre you cater to in your radio presence, preparation is absolutely necessary. Today, podcast culture is as strong as ever, with topics ranging from self help to tech venture capitalist roundups. So it behooves company representatives to be prepared for media relations in this space. Here are the keys to preparing for a radio and/or podcast interview.

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Client Success Highlight: TDK U.S.A Corporation (TUC)

September 5, 2017

At Karbo Communications, we have seen how strategic positioning yields stellar results – regardless of whether a company is a startup or an established one. We know this firsthand because we’ve made it happen for the dozens of tech companies we have worked with throughout the years.

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What I Learned During My Summer Internship at Karbo Com

August 29, 2017

I was not sure what to expect on my first day as an intern at Karbo Communications. I was excited, but also a bit nervous. I was confident in my knowledge of public relations (PR) and was looking forward to applying my skills throughout my summer internship. I looked to my internship at Karbo Com to give me insight into technology PR. Within eight weeks, I developed new abilities and a new-found appreciation for the importance of PR in high-tech marketing.

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Five Ways to Amp Up Your Tradeshow PR

August 16, 2017

Whether it’s your own user conference or an industry exposition, tradeshows present an important opportunity to increase brand awareness and thought leadership for your company. While most companies that choose to exhibit at a show understand its value for networking with new faces and allowing a sales team to speak with current and prospective customers face-to-face, not every organization capitalizes on this opportunity. Here are five PR best practices to make sure you are getting the most out of your tradeshows:

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Guest Post: Petya, NotPetya, GoldenEye: How Do You Stay Ahead of the Ransomware Game?

July 25, 2017

With the recent ransomware attacks that originated in Ukraine – listed under numerous names: Petya, NotPetya or GoldenEye – happening just weeks after WannaCry, security experts worldwide say that these new cyber attacks are just the beginning of a global ransomware epidemic.

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Persistence Pays

June 27, 2017

One of the most common questions we get from companies eager to work with Karbo Com is, “What reporters do you have relationships with?” While we have formed strong relationships based on the value we place on working with the press, the question doesn’t get to the heart of what these companies want. The real question should be, “Do you have what it takes to get me the results I need?” We love to answer that question, even though the response is different for every company.

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Are You Taking Advantage of Data-Informed PR?

May 23, 2017

The rapid advancement of analytic technologies and increasing demand for information have touched all aspects of business. Public relations is no exception. Years ago, PR professionals were sought after for their positioning expertise, media relationships and keen storytelling abilities. Although this still holds true, our roles are changing. Now, PR professionals are expected to leverage data to more effectively deliver the right content (both paid and unpaid) to potential customers and partners at the right time, through the right medium.

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