Very few careers are as exciting and fulfilling as marketing and public relations for high technology companies. If you believe that too, keep reading.

The power to make a difference

Karbo Communications is dedicated to working with disruptive companies. Whether it’s mobile, wearable technology, the Internet of Things, enterprise apps, big data, analytics, security, e-commerce, consumer tech or cloud, Karbo Com clients make a difference and we help them thrive. We’re not a press release factory. We’re trusted, strategic advisors that produce results.

Our Core Values

  • We are passionate about technology. We live and breathe all things tech, not because it’s our job, but because we believe in its ability to transform the planet.
  • We’re dedicated to our clients and their successes. We play an important role in helping them achieve their dreams and goals. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do.
  • We take a strategic approach to marketing and PR. We dive deep into our clients’ technology, markets and products. Our recommendations are based on the power of that knowledge.
  • We treat everyone with respect - inside and outside the agency.
  • We take responsibility for our success. That means each person does their part and is accountable for getting results.
  • Our culture is built around teams. We believe everyone’s ideas and contributions are valued - from interns to the founder. We help, mentor and support each other every day.
  • We are dedicated to providing a positive, team-focused environment. We believe in working hard and we believe in having fun. We also believe in a sense of humor; there’s a lot of laughter in our office.
  • We believe in integrity. That means knowing our stuff and providing honest counsel to our clients while behaving ethically.
  • We support personal growth because we believe that makes our team stronger.
  • While we’re passionate about great technology and products, we won’t work with people that don’t treat us with honesty and respect.

Perks & Rewards

  • Competitive salaries. We’re a boutique agency, but we offer salary parity with the big guys. We’re a meritocracy. You bring more experience, skills - and most of all produce stellar results --and you’ll reap the rewards.
  • Performance-based bonuses. We value people that are respected by their team members and clients, get phenomenal results and work for the good of the agency. Bonuses are paid to anyone that consistently excels in these areas, whether you’re an intern or a V.P.
  • Fridays at home and off at 2. On Fridays we work at home and unless a client emergency comes up, you’re off work at 2 p.m. Leave early for your weekend getaway, go shopping, hit the gym or the beach. We strongly believe in a work-life balance and this time is yours.
  • Team environment. This is a “no politics zone”. You don’t have to watch your back. Everyone is watching out for each other.
  • Learn and Grow. We believe in constantly learning more about technology, marketing, PR, communicating—you name it. If you have a thirst for always getting better, we’ll pay for educational materials, classes, etc.
  • Industry ambassadors. We think it’s important to go out into the world - attend conferences, parties, etc. We don’t just reserve connections for our senior team members. We encourage everyone to get out there, meet people and make a difference.
  • Chemistry. Sometimes our office is quiet, sometimes we’re laughing and talking about sports, a movie, a favorite TV show. We value working hard, but we love having fun and we highly value a good sense of humor.
  • Benefits. We pay for 100% of your medical and dental insurance premiums. And if you use public transportation, we’ll help subsidize your commute costs.
  • Time off. We offer fifteen days of Paid Time Off (PTO) per year during the first two years and twenty days off from year three, on. We encourage you to completely disconnect, not check in, and completely forget about the office. We also close the office over the winter holiday and continue to compensate you during that time.
  • Food/Drink. We realize that fuel makes you smarter and happier, so we have a fully stocked kitchen of snacks and drinks. We cater meetings and we frequently eat out to celebrate birthdays, promotions, successes, or just for fun. We also have a monthly cocktail hour.
  • Fun outside the office. Every quarter we take an afternoon off and do something fun—go to a Giants game, sail on the Bay, go wine tasting in Napa, visit a spa. You get the idea.
  • Community is more than social media. Twice a year, we close the office for an afternoon and volunteer in our community. Whether it’s St. Anthony’s Dining Room or the SF Food Bank, we’re committed to helping those who need our support.
  • Awesome location. We’re located in the tech hub of San Francisco, the sunny South of Market Area (SoMa) and just two blocks from AT&T Park. With neighbors like Twitter, TechCrunch and Zynga, we’re within an arm’s reach of the brightest minds in tech. You never know who you’ll run into at The Creamery or Philz Coffee.

Application for employment at Karbo Communications

We’re always looking for outstanding people. Submit a cover letter that tells us why you’re interested in Karbo Communications and the value you can bring to the team. Then cut and paste your resume below. You should have a degree in Marketing, PR/Communications, Journalism, English or a related field and be completely dedicated and passionate about technology marketing.

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