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Over the last few years, computing

has moved from the purview of our computers to the new frontier of the Internet of “things.” Today, everything from our cars and kitchen appliances to large industrial systems such as the power grid and hospitals, are connected via the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

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The world is buzzing about

the ecosystem that connects everything from our smartphones to home security systems to smart pet collars. However, it’s the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that is truly changing the world as we know it.

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Defense.Net was in stealth mode

with no customers or name recognition. Karbo Communications was brought in to differentiate the startup in the crowded enterprise security market, while executing a creative, aggressive PR program to drive market visibility and sales.

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Large, hardware-focused monopolies

have historically controlled the storage industry, forcing enterprises into expensive contracts that require upgrades and vendor lock-in, and diminish flexibility and strain IT budgets.

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The debate over Netflix’s price hike,

Uber and Lyft surge pricing, the recent controversy with the AIDS medication pricing, and the constant fluctuations in oil and gas prices all indicate that companies are struggling to make crucial pricing decisions.

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Can a Fortune 100 company

turn around deeply challenged and very visible worldwide sales partner relationships to generate greater revenues? Relations between Oracle and its partners (OEMs, resellers...

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A ten year relationship

with this data center pioneer began with the two founders and a company launch, and resulted in becoming the hub of the Internet, an IPO and $2 billion in revenue.

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An eight year relationship

pioneering enterprise data virtualization, winning against IBM and eventually leading to an acquisition by Citrix.

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Working with Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson

to launch and position the company as the pioneer in the democratization of media and social communities, securing worldwide company and founder super-celebrity.

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Karbo Com helped the founders launch this startup

to outstanding coverage that is helping to redefine enterprise application delivery and collaboration and cement Fortune 500 trials and orders.

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Creative, opportunistic

programs tied to consumer shopping patterns result in excellent media coverage and surge in downloads for this consumer targeted e-commerce app.

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Standout positioning,

coverage and partnerships for this consumer app search company led to an acquisition by Apple within seven months.

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Covia Labs needed help

its positioning and media/analyst outreach strategy to support Covia’s launch and initial marketing initiatives aimed at the public safety, homeland security and defense markets.

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While students at Waterloo

University in 2007, roommates Mo Adham and Adil Lalani had an idea to create a website that would allow them to share video quickly and easily with their friends.

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Peribit Networks represents

the perfect example of how strong positioning, a compelling press message tied to current events, and excellent execution can result in market leadership in an emerging, yet competitive market.

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