Meet The Team | Lisa, Senior Vice President




An industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in communications, Senior Vice President Lisa Kelaita’s wisdom makes her a go-to resource for clients and staff alike. She’s worked with seminal tech and VC firms including Symantec, Polycom, ServiceNow, Emergence Capital, USVP, and launching many startups over the years, Lisa has guided companies in their understanding of what it takes to build a stellar reputation. At Karbo Com, Lisa leads new business initiatives and expertly identifies how organizations can benefit from an integrated communications firm’s support in tracking towards growth goals.

Born and raised in Yonkers, New York, Lisa’s family moved to the Bay Area after she graduated high school, fleeing the brutal New York winters (“My dad was sick of shoveling snow,” says Lisa). It was in California that Lisa discovered her passion for storytelling, particularly around ground-breaking innovations and the creative people behind them. While Lisa now calls northern California home, she hasn’t lost her no-nonsense New York attitude — an important part of conducting business in tech.

When she’s not at the office, Lisa spends her time traveling, hiking, enjoying outings with family, and can often be found in her kitchen whipping up something delicious. “I love entertaining. There’s no better mixture than food and friends,” says Lisa. Where does she draw inspiration for her famous hors d’oeuvres? “Cooking shows! Everything I see I have to try.”

Lisa’s friends and coworkers aren’t the only ones who enjoy her company; so does her beloved dog, Bandit. Rescued from Taiwan 13 years ago, Bandit has been Lisa’s constant companion, accompanying the Kelaita family on countless trips and excursions.

In keeping with her character, Lisa has asked us to leave our readers with this tip:“Aside from all the important priorities for clients, it’s critical to figure out which things matter the most to a client. If you figure that out and get it right, it’s golden.”



Five Fast Facts

Can’t leave home without: Sunglasses

Favorite Movie: Jerry McGuire

Your biggest adventure: There have been many, but the most indelible is probably moving to DC after college for an internship with CNN before anyone ever heard of CNN.

What/who inspires you to think differently: Really smart, grounded people who have lived through success and failure in both work and in life and want to share their amazing stories.

Favorite topic of discussion: There are so many with one common aspect that the topics include discussions that move the soul and warm the heart.




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