Apr 30 2021

Sweep helps track carbon emissions across enterprise supply chains

Despite banks’ net-zero carbon pledges, a recent survey carried out by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) found that nearly half of global banks had not conducted any analysis of the…

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Apr 28 2021

Boasting a pedigree in business intelligence, Sweep launches a new carbon accounting and offset tool

If businesses are going to meet their increasingly aggressive targets for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their operations, they’re going to have an…

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Apr 16 2021

The battle for tech talent will require a plan (and a plan B)

After a year of pandemic-related job losses in the U.S., it might seem out of place to talk about the huge talent gap in our…

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Apr 15 2021

More retailer mobile apps offer PayPal than Apple Pay: report

Incognia, a location identity company, analyzed various retailer’s mobile apps and found that more than 80% of retailers surveyed supported PayPal’s in-app payment option, but…

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Apr 7 2021

Japan’s powerful patriarchy often sidelines women. Fixing that won’t be easy

Twitter has long been the dominant social network in Japan, with over 51 million active users. It’s the social media site’s second-largest market globally, behind the US,…

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Apr 2 2021

The Drum Awards for Online Media Nominations 2021

Best Use of Crowd Sourcing or Citizen Journalism This category recognise and reward creative use of crowd sourcing or citizen journalism. The judges will be…

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Mar 25 2021


Brands use text message marketing for several reasons — to create an additional customer support channel, provide an extra way for customers to make a…

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Mar 11 2021

How Small Businesses Can Capitalize on Apple’s New Privacy Change

Apple recently announced that in Spring 2021, companies will have to seek permission from Apple device users before enabling data collection through the device’s “Identifier for Advertisers”…

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Mar 5 2021

Using PM and Software-Defined Architectures to Optimize AI/ML Workloads

Explore how you can close AI, machine learning and analytics workload performance gaps using persistent memory and software-defined architectures. A key driver of that is software-defined…

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Feb 18 2021

We will spend 420 million years on social media in 2021

For many, it is hard to imagine a life without social media, mobile phones or, indeed the internet. But although use is growing year on…

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