We’re experiencing a time of unprecedented choice.
Paid and earned programs. Digital tools and content. Sophisticated analytics and monitoring.
Changing avenues and methods of distribution.


Karbo Communications will develop a custom mix of programs based on your specific needs, choosing from the best tried and true methods and the latest digital communications and marketing tools. Karbo Communications' services include:

  • Based on a proprietary positioning/branding process, the Karbo team develops custom inventory questions based on secondary research and preliminary information acquired from your team.
  • A first draft of strawman messaging organized by company, technology, solution and market, is developed which will clearly differentiate you and will identify key trends we will leverage over the next 12 months.
  • Karbo Com will also develop one paragraph and one sentence positioning statements, and a press release boiler.
  • You can only launch once, so it’s critical you do it right. Karbo Communications develops custom plans based on corporate objectives, target market characteristics, news elements, and the competitive environment. We don’t execute cookie cutter launches. We match your situation to the most impactful execution plan.
  • We target the most influential press, analysts and influencers based on our experience, knowledge and relationships. Karbo Communications will get you in front of the right targets, prepare you thoroughly, manage the process and aggressively pursue results. And we’ll ensure that you and your team develop strong, ongoing relationships with the right people.
  • The Karbo team has been successfully executing social media long before it became part of the standard PR toolkit. We’ll develop a customized social strategy based on your objectives and the communication patterns of your target markets. Karbo Communications has deep expertise in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. We'll ensure you're participating in meaningful conversations with the people that matter, whether it’s completely running your social channels, developing and executing an advertising program over social networks, blogger outreach and joint promotional programs, developing content for profiles, contests, blogs and other special efforts.
  • PR shouldn’t be cookie cutter. Some of the most successful programs are those that are meaningfully tied to news and trends. Karbo Communications is extremely successful at identifying opportunities and quickly seizing them in a way that yields impactful and wide-ranging results.
  • Speaking at the right events is an important part of a thought leadership campaign. We’ll identify targets that feed into your corporate objectives, develop effective submissions, then help you prepare content and an engaging delivery.
  • Crowdsourced campaigns are a different breed of fundraising and they require a distinct brand of strategy and marketing. We’ll work with you to craft a creative and effective presence and develop an outreach strategy to drive money to your idea before, during, and after the campaign.
  • Sometimes it’s necessary to take to the streets and reach your target market through unconventional methods, venues and messages. Karbo Communications knows how to speak your market’s language and we’ll recommend and execute guerilla campaigns such as street parties/events, giveaways, man/woman on the street efforts, creative art/modeling, etc. It will be different, but it will always make an impact that makes business sense.
  • Your target markets are constantly evolving and the kind of information that influences them is changing at a fast clip. It’s no longer just about traditional media. At Karbo Com we look at the broad spectrum of materials that will positively influence people—paid and earned content, contests, white papers, contributed articles, op/ed pieces, webinars, and advertising. Then we’ll make it happen via our experienced team of marketing and journalism experts.
  • Video moves like no other medium and at Karbo Communications we can help establish a video strategy that transforms your messages to a compelling visual statement. We’ll help you make consumer, partner and investor videos and market them to the right channels including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter/Vine, your website, in a speaking opportunity submission—you name it. We’ll make it happen from conception to distribution.
  • Karbo Communications has experience in developing leading market surveys on compelling trends and topics. Surveys can be conducted monthly or quarterly to measure trends over time and to lock in regular press coverage while cementing your company’s position as an industry thought leader. The Karbo Com team can also create infographics and multimedia of the results to be used for press placement or marketing collateral.
  • Whether a full day of media training, including mock interviews, or a simple refresh, Karbo Communications prepares client spokespeople so they can effectively get their messages across.
  • From large-scale launch events to small meetups, Karbo Communications has experience in planning and executing successful company events. We’ll work with your team on everything from venue selection to program development to entertainment and press attendance and ensure your objectives are met.
  • We can help you prepare for important conferences and support you while you’re there. We’ll pitch speaking opportunities, schedule press and analyst appointments, create onsite opportunities, manage scheduled interviews, work the booth and plan and run events.
  • Social media advertising can play a crucial role in successful social media exposure. Karbo Communications has the experience to plan and execute effective campaigns to reach your target audiences. We know how to attract the right demographic, develop creative, execute the program and measure results.
  • Karbo Communications believes that measurement is an essential element of any marketing and PR effort. We also know that what’s effective today may change tomorrow. We’ve developed a custom blend of qualitative and quantitative measurement tools to help us determine the efficacy of your programs. Our analytic tool kit consists of Google Analytics, message alignment, publication and website traffic statistics, social campaign metrics and more. We’ll always have a 360 degree view into the success of our offline and online marketing efforts.
  • The Karbo Communications team are experts at targeting the top bloggers and online influencers that align with your company’s desired markets. With everything from guest posts to social media campaigns, Karbo Communications will manage outreach, development, execution and analysis of all campaigns to ensure success through completion.
  • Members of the Karbo Com team possess rich research backgrounds from respected organizations such as SRI International and Regis McKenna. We can develop primary research and analyze secondary research, garnering greater understanding of your target markets, influencers and stakeholders.
  • We make sure our level of understanding of your company and markets is second only to you. Yet we always make sure our counsel and ideas are rooted in the reality of the real world. This mix of expertise, creativity and knowledge means we’re able to deliver the most creative and effective ideas and naming.
  • As the boundaries of marketing and PR have expanded, so has Karbo Communications’ ability to provide related programs and materials making for more coordinated efforts, greater impact and less coordination across multiple agencies and sources. Karbo Com can provide website development, sales/customer and partner materials, app development, social media page development and management, email campaigns, online events, e-commerce storefronts, etc.
  • We live in an age of marketing without borders. For some companies it makes sense to focus all of their efforts on the U.S. But when leadership and growth dictate the pursuit of other markets, Karbo Com is there to make sure it’s done right. Marketing and PR isn’t a "one size fits all" proposition. Strategies, programs and execution must be tailored by geographic market experts. We’ve carefully vetted and selected international technology PR agency partners with the same commitment to quality and results that you count on from Karbo Com. Our partners are experienced, agile and driven by senior teams. You can manage these efforts or we can manage them on your behalf.
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