5 Tips For Effective Communication With Remote Teams



Life for most people has drastically changed over the last two months. Social distancing has made working from home mandatory in most cities. How companies approach managing teams outside the office in a time of crisis can be a challenging task. 

So how can your team navigate this “new normal?” To get started, it’s crucial you align all internal communications and streamline how you correspond with your team. 




Here are a couple key ways your company can begin establishing internal PR standards: 

  • Create and circulate a best practices document that helps educate team members on how to separate “work” from “home.” Encourage teams to create a space or office where they can focus solely on work. This is also important as they continue to make an impression on co-workers and others they video conference with.


  • Encourage breaks. Sending out reminder emails or messages is a meaningful way to remind your team members that your organization respects their work-life balance. Even though your team may be cooped up inside, they should take some time to stretch, walk around by themselves, or just take a couple moments to clear their mind. 


  • Reach out to people. Encourage your staff to check-in with each other often by giving them the tools to chat. Talking with colleagues over the phone or through video chat can be a great way to catch up. Messaging apps like Slack and G-Chat are also great ways for team members to get that desk chatter that would normally occur in an office setting. It will help your team members feel less isolated, and give them a chance to open up.


  • Plan fun events with your team via Zoom. Almost everything work and non-work related is being done through conference calling apps. Try things like a pajama staff meeting, a virtual cocktail hour, or just a quick check-in before starting a meeting to see how everyone is doing.


  • Lead by example. Brief members of the management team on the internal comms plan and get their input early. Management will have useful insight into which strategies may be most effective and their participation in internal PR efforts will help kick-start participation from among the broader staff.


Aligning internal communications early will give your team members the structure they need to be as productive and happy as possible. There is no knowing exactly how long work from home mandates will be in place, so establishing the correct internal process early will go a long way.