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in coveted target publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Bloomberg, AdWeek, Fast Company, and TechCrunch


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Learn how we successfully launched Hootsuite into the AI market for social media managers while capturing media attention from Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, and The Today Show.

The Brief

While emerging as a brand with a phenomenal product, Hootsuite lacked the broad brand recognition of competitors in the US. The market was becoming increasingly competitive and noisy.  The company realized that it was at a critical crossroads. To effectively compete and drive sales they would need to up the brand marketing ante.


The Idea

Karbo Com recognized the value in differentiated product, a goldmine of sentiment data and executives that could serve as market visionaries. Karbo saw special value in tying Hootsuite to business and consumer trends, conveying intelligence no one else was offering. When Hootsuite acquired Heydey, a conversational AI platform,. Karbo Com developed AI-focused narratives honing in  on how brands could fully leverage conversational AI by bridging ecommerce and social media to create better customer experiences.


The Execution

Hootsuite possessed incredible data intelligence based on the platform’s ability to not only manage social channels, but mine sentiment data. Karbo Com asked to harness this customizable data around seasonal events, news and trends. We identified compelling “hot button” issues and offered unique data and executive POVs to top tier reporters. Over time not only did the team score top tier press coverage based on proactive pitching, but reporters started to reach out for sentiment data that would enrich their other articles. Karbo Com delivered coverage in top tier traditional media, but also used platforms such as LinkedIn Live, speaking and, podcasts as vehicles for executive visibility. Hootsuite continues to enjoy a four-year plus partnership.


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