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Hyperion Research named Penguin Computing a fastest growing worldwide HPC/AI vendor in 2021

Discover how Karbo Communications strategies fueled award-winning business growth and critical press coverage in outlets like the Wall Street Journal and VentureBeat for Penguin Solutions.

The Brief

Penguin Computing unites the people (expertise), open technologies and services that accelerate the deployment and consumption of emerging technologies like AI and edge computing. As more AI solutions are deployed around the world and the technology infrastructure grows in complexity as a result, Penguin Computing designs, builds, tests and delivers leading infrastructure to keep customers at the forefront  – all while simplifying the customer experience. 


The Idea

Crafted messaging to highlight the brand’s evolution and differentiation, communicated new offerings and brand positioning through media visibility and thought leadership, bolstered key analyst relationships within HPC/AI, leveraged marquee events to deliver impactful campaigns and humanized the impact of the technology through customer storytelling.


The Execution

To increase visibility around Penguin Computing’s AI technology leadership: 

  • Launched a series of technology solutions and reference architectures to educate the market on new AI offerings and expertise 
  • Secured important press coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Venturebeat, CRN, Enterprise AI and others – particularly around customer storytelling – which highlighted how Penguin Computing is the solutions provider and expertise behind Facebook Meta’s AI research cluster 
  • Delivered key messaging and marketing strategy that has enabled Penguin Computing sales to grow.  Hyperion Research named Penguin Computing as the fastest growing worldwide HPC/AI vendor in 2021 with >30% share gain, placing #8 on the list of top 10 vendors by market share
  • Created and deployed co branded ad campaigns with Penguin partner Nvidia. This included a campaign aimed at generating awareness of the company’s OriginAI solution which delivered 5M+ impressions, exceeding target results by 6379%, and a lead gen campaign that secured high value leads including key decision makers Amazon, Microsoft, and Pfizer.
  • Delivered case study video series, managing the series from concept to completion, to effectively showcase how Penguin Solutions, Nvidia, and Shell joined forces to reimagine the future of sustainable data centers.

Karbo Communications produced a case study video series showcasing how Penguin Solutions, Nvidia, and Shell joined forces to reimagine the future of sustainable data centers.


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A sampling of media that have featured Penguin Computing:

The Wall Street Journal
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