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New app opens within 48 hours of launch


Increase in social media engagement over the course of 3 months


Impressions through a single high-impact social media campaign

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With budget cuts in schools and decreasing access to the arts, quality vocal instruction is increasingly difficult or expensive to come by. Harmony Helper was founded in 2017 to empower directors and singers of all skill levels with a comprehensive, convenient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective learning tool to improve singing performance anytime, anywhere. While competitors only provide part of the solution, Harmony Helper is the only app that utilizes patented technologies to provide singers with the access, convenience and control to practice harmonies on their own time and in any environment they choose. Vocal part mapping, sheet music scanning, real-time feedback, and part volume control are among the comprehensive features that prepare singers to deliver their best performance. 

Harmony Helper hired Karbo Communications in 2018 to launch its flagship app and build brand awareness through media, thought leadership, advertising and event opportunities to drive app downloads, subscriptions and business growth.


  • Successfully launch the Harmony Helper app
  • Build brand awareness to drive app downloads and subscriptions
  • Support business development efforts by generating strategic partnership opportunities
  • Position Harmony Helper as a differentiated learning tool that equalizes arts education by helping individual singers and groups to practice singing, anytime and anywhere
  • Foster relationships with key influencers (Broadway, choral and music entertainment) to help tell the brand story in a fun and engaging way
  • Consult on the strategic direction of the company, including the company's entrance into the choral market
  • Execute full event support, including vendor management, speaking proposal development, media relations, social media and onsite support



Harmony Helper enlisted Karbo Communications early on in the development of the product to help build and define the brand. The team completed an in-depth messaging exercise to refine the app’s market positioning and highlight differentiation to best resonate with target audiences. The agency worked with Harmony Helper’s team to understand every facet of the company, product, leadership team, and related market trends. From there, the agency developed a strategic communications and content plan designed to convey the uniqueness of the technology and brand value to the market.

Through a series of in-depth branding exercises, Karbo Communications guided Harmony Helper through seminal brand identity work, ultimately delivering a Harmony Helper Brand Book that codified brand messaging, logos, color pallette, typography, imagery, and more in a single source of truth resource designed to drive brand consistency.

Harmony Helper Brand Guidelines

Karbo Com developed Harmony Helper Brand Guidelines to drive consistency across brand materials

Karbo Communications worked with Harmony Helper to position their social channels to reflect the company’s core mission in an attractive and engaging way. The agency strategically developed and implemented a number of campaigns to grow the following and raise brand awareness. 

Leading up to the launch, Karbo Communications deployed an influencer marketing program to drive app downloads and subscriptions, generate awareness of Harmony Helper across key customer segments, and drive traffic to Harmony Helper’s social channels and website. The agency managed the launch initiative from start to finish by sourcing influencers, securing contracts, educating the influencers about Harmony Helper, facilitating brainstorm meetings with influencers to discuss the direction of content, and reviewing content before it was published. 

Karbo Communications paired the app’s CEO and with the company’s Tony nominated artistic director to secure high-value media introductions and generate strategic coverage of the product launch across business, technology and theatre press. The agency developed compelling press materials and prepared executives for interviews. 

Harmony Helper launch campaign by Karbo Communications

Karbo Com executed an end-to-end launch campaign for Harmony Helper

Karbo Communications was also engaged to develop a digital campaign for the launch which centered on the confidence that the app gives singers. With this concept in mind, the agency’s Content Studio produced a full-service photoshoot, overseeing everything from creative direction and talent to location, wardrobe, and set design. The final imagery, paired with compelling ad copy also developed by the Karbo Communications team, appeared in ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The campaign was the first of many the Karbo Communications Content Studio would go on to develop for Harmony Helper.

Karbo Communications managed full-service event support for over two years, including BroadwayCon, ACDA regional events, Chorus America and TMEA. The agency supported booth design and preparation, media outreach and onsite briefings, event promotion, social strategy and execution, blog posts, vendor management, and full onsite support for each event. Karbo Communications also developed surveys to source requested features from attendees, helping to prioritize the company’s product roadmap and drive internal marketing efforts. 

As the company continued to plan its product roadmap, Karbo Communications researched important figures in the choral community, preparing interview questions, and securing eight interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities and needs in the choral market. The agency synthesized findings from the market research into a report for Harmony Helper to evaluate their strategic entrance into the choral market. 

Harmony Helper also leveraged Karbo Communications’ expertise for strategic partnership efforts. 

Karbo Communications supported the company by researching relevant partners, conducting outreach, advising on strategy for partnerships, outlining engagement strategies, developing pitch presentations, creating co-branded materials and partner contributed content, facilitating preparation meetings, and managing follow up to move the opportunities forward.

The agency also built a partnership landing page for the website and consulted on the most relevant content to feature on the page.

Karbo Communications also supported the Harmony Helper website, handling site updates as-needed and driving traffic to the site and app store through ASO and on-page and off-page SEO strategies, including link building and contributed content.



Within 48 hours of the app launch, Karbo Communications helped secure 4,400 new app opens and 500 in-app purchases through strategic media outreach, including securing a broadcast television spot on Cheddar TV the day of the launch. Other placements included Playbill, American Theatre Magazine and VentureBeat. The agency initiated two influencer campaigns on social media with Tony-Nominated actress Taylor Louderman and acclaimed industry publication The Ensemblist in tandem with the app launch, garnering over 166K impressions.


In an effort to further raise brand awareness in the choral market, Karbo Communications collaborated with Chorus Connection, a well respected chorus management platform, to coordinate and form a virtual panel on the topic of the convergence of music, technology and learning in the age of COVID-19, moderated by Harmony Helper’s CEO and founder. In addition to researching and determining the appropriate platform to host the panel, the agency sourced panelists, coordinated rehearsals, and prepared questions for the panel. To ensure effective reach, the team developed and distributed an email marketing campaign and collaborated closely with social media teams from Harmony Helper and Chorus Connection to advise on strategy for promotion before the event. As a result, the team secured 500 registrants and received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the panel leading to greater brand awareness for Harmony Helper. The virtual panel also served as an opportunity to further strengthen Harmony Helper’s relationship with Chorus Connection. 

At BroadwayCon 2020, Karbo Communications developed and placed a panel topic for the CEO focused on “Self Care for Singers.” Karbo Communications developed the abstract, panel questions, held prep sessions for all participants and the moderator in advance and helped to promote the event. The organizers noted that this panel was the most well-attended health focused session at BroadwayCon 2020.

Karbo Communications developed and executed Harmony Helper’s most successful social media campaign to date, the #Hear1Sing1 campaign. For this campaign, followers were prompted to share a video on social media singing the chorus of their favorite Broadway song to raise money for the Actor’s Fund during COVID-19. With each entry, Harmony Helper agreed to provide a charitable donation to the organization to support artists during a challenging time. Karbo Communications coordinated outreach and secured interest from key Broadway influencers like Alex Brightman, Rob McClure, and Jelani Remy to kick off the campaign. As a result, the campaign garnered over 1.5 million impressions and increased Harmony Helper’s following by 16%. In tandem, Karbo Communications conducted outreach to top-tier theatre publications, securing placements in Playbill and Broadway World to further raise awareness about the campaign and increase the charitable donation for the Actor’s Fund.

In total, Karbo Communications facilitated partnership discussions with 13 well established companies at industry events following research of attending vendors. As a direct result of Karbo’s aggressive media outreach at BroadwayCon in 2020, Harmony Helper participated in six media interviews, including three interviews with top-tier publications such as Playbill and USA Today. Karbo Communications also developed social media calendars for the events attended on behalf of Harmony Helper to entertain, educate, and engage with attendees and non-attendees. In events taking place in 2020 alone, Harmony Helper’s engagement rate increased by over 2,000% and earned 12,600 impressions on Twitter.

A sampling of media that have featured Harmony Helper:

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Times Sq Chronicles
CB Nation
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Choral Journal
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