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Total reach in first 9-months


Pieces of unique coverage in first 9-months



Jobsity has provided the top 3% of software developer talent from Latin America to U.S.-based businesses for a decade. However, it is a crowded field filled with large competitors with deep pockets for advertising and marketing their services. Additionally, Jobsity went ‘dark’ on its public relations efforts for a two year period, so its brand awareness with press and key analysts was low. Jobsity selected Karbo Com to elevate the company’s reputation to close the urgent talent gaps for software developers in mission critical positions. Education was needed about the fact that nearshore talent does not take away quality jobs from American software developers, but rather augments existing teams so that innovation and digital transformation are accelerated.


  • Accelerate Jobsity business growth and bolster brand awareness
  • Clearly differentiate from the competition
  • Continue to elevate executive team’s profile, positioning as experts and thought leaders
  • Increase strategic and creative content efforts to drive brand awareness



Karbo Communications immediately began pursuing a thought leadership program for Jobsity executives to discuss closing the talent gaps in tech, the unique challenges that companies face to recruit and retain software developers in a tight labor market, managing the ‘quiet quitting’ trend, enhancing diversity in tech teams, and top tips for developers to enhance their careers. Karbo Com also began securing contributed articles and introductory interviews with top journalists, amplifying global market awareness. 

The agency worked with Jobsity to leverage the epic demand and ease of hiring the top 3% of Latin American developers to drive thought and market leadership, leading a number of proactive media campaigns tied to timely industry news and trends. As the COVID-19 crisis hit around the world, the agency saw an immediate change in tone and conversation on the rise of remote work and the need for software developers to drive innovation and deliver on business goals. Karbo Com identified key press and analysts for enterprise challenges for remote and distributed teams to supplement overworked U.S.-based IT teams. The agency conducted aggressive media outreach, garnering 37 earned media placements in business, technology, and human resources press outlets, top tier analyst briefings, and bylines in key verticals. 

Karbo Com also leveraged case study campaigns for Jobsity, for Repair Pricer (a customer that KC secured a feature article for in USA Today), McGraw Hill and Creed Interactive in earned media and social channels. Additionally, a spotlight on developer Alana Correa resulted in a full feature in The Enterprisers Project during National Hispanic Heritage month. 

In July of 2022, Karbo Com worked with Jobsity to announce the growth results for the first half of the year as contrasted with the high turnover and quiet quitting trend rampant in the developer community. Garnering interest from ZDNet, SDxCentral, TechTarget, HR Daily Advisor, and the HR Director. The VP of People provided expert commentary on the rise of diversity in tech with outsourcing and the rapid acceptance of remote workers as the future of the workplace.



Within the first nine months of working together, Karbo Com secured a total of 37 plus unique articles, totaling over 98 million impressions. 

Specifically, the agency increased earned media coverage for Jobsity in top business, and technology publications including USA Today, ZDNet, Yahoo Finance, Digiday/Work Life, etc.

A sampling of media that have featured Jobsity:

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