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Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever.  Employees’ desire to work when and where they want has led to an explosion of tablet use in business.  When PowWow came to Karbo they knew that advancements in the ability to deliver enterprise applications to mobile devices lagged far behind mobile device adoption.  When employees leave their desks and begin using their mobile devices, they can only use a small fraction of the corporate applications they need, and they have very limited access to key services such as enterprise data and collaboration.  To get their workforce effectively mobile, organizations are faced with creating limited web apps or costly custom apps for every type of mobile device on the market.  PowWow could dramatically change that.

PowWow had marketing challenges on three fronts:

  • Increase awareness among the members of the press and analyst communities of the pain IT and enterprise users are feeling as they continue to move to mobile and are frustrated in their attempts to move enterprise applications and data to these mobile devices.
  • Determine how to position PowWow given the fact that they didn’t neatly fit into the existing market categories such as VDI, MEAPS, DaaS, app workspace or virtualization.  The founders knew people would try to compare them to Citrix XenApp and VMware Horizon, yet they could peacefully coexist with these products and would enhance existing company mobile use dramatically whether companies used these other solutions or not.
  • Establish PowWow as a credible, reliable supplier of enterprise application delivery and collaboration.

PowWow hired Julie Karbo and her team to effectively launch the company in a crowded, noisy space with entrenched and respected players.


  • Effectively launch and differentiate PowWow from rooted players, positioning them as providing something urgently needed in mobile device adoption and application delivery
  • Drive sales into Fortune 500 companies
  • Educate the market about the differences between traditional virtualization and the new brand of mobile app delivery being innovated by PowWow



Karbo and PowWow evaluated the needs of the target market-Fortune 1000 enterprise IT – prepared a competitive analysis and determined a messaging strategy that would establish credibility for PowWow and the application delivery market.  They had to change the mindset amongst a press and analyst community that was currently focused on VDI/app virtualization and two mammoth corporate players.  The agency brought in the foremost virtualization expert and involved him in the positioning process.  This not only garnered his invaluable insight, but helped to enlist him as a supporter of PowWow’s efforts.



Within the first three months of working together, PowWow was established within the application delivery space as viable and clearly differentiated from tangential markets such as VDI, DaaS, MEAPS and the application workspace and virtualization markets.  Coverage by key analysts and press was plentiful, extremely positive, and tracked along with key messages.  Additionally the agency placed the founders in top speaking opportunities, such as BriForum and Mobile Exchange.  Fortune 500 customers that were in trials increased their orders dramatically, companies that were in the sales funnel were advanced and closed, and a large number of leads came in via the website.

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