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The world is buzzing about smart devices that connect everything from our home security systems to our fitness monitors. However, it’s the underlying connectivity in smart machines or real-world systems that is truly changing the world as we know it, connecting systems such as the sensors in our cars that automatically brake when we approach an obstacle, submarine defense systems that detect incoming missiles and respond in milliseconds, and hospital patient monitoring systems that detect the smallest changes in a patient’s condition and alert the the doctor miles away. RTI provides the software framework for these smart machines and real-world systems, enabling hundreds of applications to securely share information in real time and work as one integrated system.

RTI came to Karbo Communications to grow company awareness and to help communicate their unique and differentiated brand story. The agency saw an opportunity to educate the market on the importance of RTI’s technology and ensure it reached decision makers across all of RTI’s key vertical markets including healthcare, energy, transportation, automotive and aerospace and defense. They were looking for a communications partner who could help drive lead generation and sales through an integrated PR approach, refine the corporate narrative by clearly articulating RTI’s differentiation, and accelerate growth and adoption of RTI products through high impact brand communications.


  • Increase market awareness and thought leadership to fuel company growth
  • Tell a unique brand story that drives sales and shortens the existing sales cycle
  • Complement technical expertise with higher level corporate narrative
  • Educate the market need and benefit of the company’s flagship products
  • Be a valuable voice in the market, helping customers and key stakeholders understand and overcome industry challenges



Right away, Karbo Com and RTI pursued an in-depth messaging exercise to establish the importance of RTI’s Connext product line and its role as the ‘connectivity platform’ of the IIoT.  Using this positioning, Karbo Com immediately began reaching out to key press and analysts with strong product messaging and industry-leading customer stories. Additionally, Karbo Com and RTI developed a launch plan for their new security product, Connext DDS Secure. Being the first security product for the IIoT, the agency pursued an aggressive outreach strategy. 

In October 2018, RTI broke into the autonomous drive market by announcing their first Connext product offering designed specifically for the development of autonomous vehicles: Connext 6. In order to drive awareness in a priority market, Karbo Com pursued aggressive outreach to key media and industry analysts.

Karbo Com also established a thought leadership campaign for the head of RTI’s autonomous systems division, Bob Leigh. Over the course of the next two years, Karbo Com continued momentum by driving opportunistic media campaigns and leveraging RTI execs as spokespeople for topical issues and trends in the autonomous vehicle industry. In late 2019, Karbo Com worked with RTI to showcase the company’s newest automotive offering, Connext Drive, at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where Karbo Com reached out to key press contacts and influencers to secure interviews, while allowing press to experience the Connext Drive product demo in an autonomous vehicle simulation booth on the show floor. Both leading up to and after the CES, Karbo Com worked with RTI to execute media campaigns, highlighting autonomous vehicle customer successes such as Aptiv, Xpeng Motors and Baidu, in order to further validate RTI’s technology and its pivotal role in the development of next-generation driverless vehicles. In 2019, RTI also joined two elite organizations focused on furthering the advancement of autonomous vehicles: The Autoware Foundation and the Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium. 

As RTI’s market has grown and advanced, Karbo Com worked with RTI to refine their current messaging to resonate with their evolving customer base. As the multi-year partnership has progressed, Karbo Com has continued to drive impactful and integrated PR and content programs across all of RTI’s five key verticals including healthcare, energy, transportation, automotive and aerospace and defense.



Within the first few months of working together, Karbo Com secured briefings with top market analysts and press, and effectively communicated RTI’s important role in enabling the IIoT. With the Connext DDS Secure launch, the Karbo Com team successfully positioned RTI as the first company to address the need for a specialized security product for the IIoT, scoring coverage in top vertical and engineering press. A month later, in July 2014, an independent study, conducted by Appinions and published in Forbes, named RTI as the most influential Industrial Internet of Things Company, above Google, Cisco and GE. This survey validated RTI’s strong market positioning and aggressive PR and marketing efforts:

RTI Case Study Results

When the IIC was founded by GE, AT&T, Cisco, IBM and Intel with the objective to develop a common blueprint for the IIoT, RTI was invited to join as an original member. RTI’s CEO was also elected to the IIC Steering Committee, and has since been re-elected for consecutive terms. Through RTI’s involvement with the IIC, the company announced a Smart Grid testbed in collaboration with Cisco, National Instruments and leading energy companies. The agency secured top tier coverage of the announcement in leading tech publications. In 2016, the IIC announced the first Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF), which was co-authored by RTI and Intel. Karbo Com worked with RTI, Intel and the IIC to announce the framework at an event held at RTI’s office. The agency managed the media outreach for the event, inviting the top IIoT analysts and press and scoring interviews for RTI executives with IDC, IDG and more.  

Karbo Com leveraged all of these opportunities in ongoing PR efforts and was successful in continuing RTI’s thought leadership program for key executives, consistently garnering both company and executive-focused feature articles, and securing contributed article placements in top publications like VentureBeat and TechTarget IoT Agenda. As a result of RTI’s increasing market leadership, the company’s CEO went from speaking at events on IIoT panels, to being invited to give the keynote address at top industry events such as the IoT Solutions World Congress, IoT Tech Expo, IoT World and more. 

In tandem, Karbo Com was able to successfully bolster RTI’s market awareness amongst leading analyst organizations. RTI was named a Vendor to Watch by leading analyst organization, EMA, was featured in Forrester’s IoT security report and received Frost & Sullivan’s Product Leadership award in 2019. The agency continued to elevate the profile of RTI’s CEO, Stan Schneider, who was recognized as a Top Embedded Innovator of the Year and was featured on the cover of Embedded Computing Design, a top tier trade publication. Schneider was also featured on the front page of The Mercury News business section and in Silicon Valley Business Journal. In 2019, Stan was also recognized as a top 25 IIoT Influencer by Bloomberg.

In 2018, KarboCom helped secure five award wins, bringing recognition to the company culture, product and key markets like healthcare and aerospace and defense. Between January 2018 and December 2020, the agency secured over 275 article placements for RTI, with over a quarter of coverage secured focused on automotive – a priority vertical market for the company. As a result of aggressive and strategic outreach efforts, both opportunistic and in support of high-impact company and customer announcements, Karbo Com generated consistent media interest from top-tier automotive reporters at publications like Forbes, Fast Company, CNBC, The LA Times and Mashable. In March 2020, RTI was recognized by Silicon Valley Business Journal in their Largest Autonomous Vehicle Technology company ranking alongside industry heavyweights Waymo, Apple and Tesla. RTI was also awarded Best in Show by Embedded Computing Design for their product, Connext Drive at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show.

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