The Crystal Ball: VCs, Private Equity Investors, and Tech Founders Predict What’s to Come in 2023

Welcome to 2023, and a very special edition of Term Sheet, where we ask readers—a slew of VCs, founders, private equity investors, and bankers—to look into their crystal ball and tell us what to expect in the year ahead.


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Incognia Grabs $15.5M to Increase Its ID Fraud-Fighting Efforts

Today’s authentication and fraud detection solutions aren’t working for the user, or for businesses, and the market is looking for more innovative technologies,” said André Ferraz, founder and CEO of Incognia.


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BaaS, Social Payment Apps Gain Traction

Treasury Prime

Banking as a Service (BaaS), where licensed banks integrate digital banking services directly into the products of other non-bank businesses, is opening consumers up to more options and putting more power into their hands.




What Treasury Prime’s integration with Jack Henry tells us about how BaaS is evolving

For much of 2022, it appears Treasury Prime has been on a mission to integrate with the leading core banking technology providers. After announcing a collaboration with FIS in May, the firm announced that it has been accepted as a Jack Henry vendor late last month.


14 Smart Strategies For Effectively And Efficiently Modernizing Legacy Tech


From security to productivity, there are compelling reasons for a company to modernize its legacy tech—even when it’s “still working.”


Location Behaviour is the Key to Preventing Identity Fraud

André’ Ferraz, CEO at Incognia explains why location and device intelligence offer retail banks the opportunity to improve fraud detection on mobile without adding friction.

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6 Actionable Strategies to Foster DEI in Tech Hiring

It’s no surprise that the tech industry suffers from a lack of diversity. Despite many companies touting more aggressive efforts, the results are still underwhelming. But your business can take some actionable steps today to build a robust DEI program — efforts that have driven results for us at Treasury Prime.


10 Cool Tech Companies That Raised Funding In June 2022

Incognia is pushing the frontier of identity assurance and authentication to deliver increased security with minimal user friction. We’re emerging as the global location identity leader, effectively combatting the increasing fraud on mobile around the world,” said André Ferraz, founder and CEO of Incognia.

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Incognia Expands Focus to Combat Increased Identity Fraud

Mobile identity security provider, Incognia, today announced it raised $15.5 million in series A funding led by Point72 Ventures. The new funding round will support continued growth to address the balancing act between security and user experience, delivering security for mobile authentication while requiring no action from consumers.

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Nowhere To Hide: The Emissions Threat Facing Corporate America

Each degree Celsius of warming will erase 1.2% of the United States GDP, according to Solomon Hsiang, a climate scientist and economist at the University of California, Berkeley, and the co-director of the research group Climate Impact Lab. If U.S. companies do not act now to halt climate emissions, Hsiang predicts a loss of up to 10.5% of annual GDP, which equates to approximately $2.2 trillion per year.