Meet The Team | Alina, Account Coordinator



In an office chock full of different personal opinions and tastes, everyone at Karbo Com can agree on one salient fact—Account Coordinator Alina Marquez might just be the nicest person we’ve ever met. Alina’s enthusiasm and eagerness to pitch in has earned her numerous accolades since joining the team last October.

At Karbo Com Alina is a key contributor to the success of industry leaders including TIBCO, TDK, Ticketsocket, and Clearsurance. Alina has secured coverage in a variety of esteemed publications including CIO Dive whose website accrues over 3 million monthly visitors.

A bay area native and Sonoma State Graduate, Alina has always considered herself an urban adventurer. She loves traversing San Francisco with her constant companion Coco the chowgi (a mix between a chow chow and corgi), who has even more followers on Instagram than Alina! (Feel free to give Coco a follow @coco_the_chowgi). “I love finding hidden gems and new places to eat great food in San Francisco, so walking is the best way to stumble upon amazing finds,” Alina explains. If you’re looking for some of the best Italian food in SF, Alina recommends the spaghetti carbonara at Trattoria Da Vittorio.

On her urban escapades Alina enjoys documenting her adventure on her phone by posting images and videos to Instagram. “Growing up, my family loved to scrapbook to preserve special memories and I use Instagram as my own digital scrapbook,” Alina says. “If you scroll through my feed it’s a collection of my favorite moments, and looking back on them always makes me smile.”

It’s clear what Karbo loves about Alina, but what does Alina love about Karbo? “The small teams,” says Alina, “and how eager everyone is to promote individual growth.” In the future Alina aims to take advantage of Karbo Com’s development program, which sponsors team members to take workshop classes. Alina is particularly interested in public speaking, and plans to attend a workshop on improving her self-confidence later this month.

Alina is an arrow pointed straight at success. We are thrilled to have Alina and her wonderful personality as a part of team—the office certainly wouldn’t be as much fun without her.


Five Fast Facts

Can’t leave home without: My phone and sunglasses.

Favorite movie of all time: Princess Diaries.

High school superlative you should have gotten: Most likely to be at a concert on a Friday night (My friends and I were obsessed with going to concerts).

Favorite topic of discussion: Pop culture (celeb news is a guilty pleasure).

Currently listening to this song/artist/album on repeat: Jonas Brothers (because they just came back!), Taylor Swift, and Beyonce.






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