Meet the Team | Eric Pestana, Account Executive



The agency’s resident car enthusiast, Account Executive Eric Pestana came of age behind the wheel of his dad’s Mazda MX-6. When he wasn’t cruising around San Jose where he was born, raised, and currently resides, Eric could be found dog-earing the pages of Motor Trend. Fitting that years later as a Karbo Com Account Executive, Eric would go on to secure coverage for client TDK in that same publication—a career highlight.

The car theme continues: some years before finding his calling in PR, Eric suffered his fair share of funny and awkward experiences as a parking valet. Ask him to recall his most grimace-inspiring on-the-job moment and he’ll tell you about the time he set off a car alarm in the middle of an outdoor wedding in the quiet coastal mountains on the San Francisco peninsula. (“It blared for 10 minutes straight,” says Eric, still traumatized.)

Eric’s love of cars is rivaled only by his passion for great music.  While pursuing a Communications Degree at the University of the Pacific, Eric hosted his own radio show on the campus’ station. Back then, he didn’t think twice about regularly making the six hour drive to LA to catch rare music shows. A Coachella veteran, Eric suspects he’s attended over 200 live music events. Eventually, Eric decided to shorten his commute and made the move down south, where he earned his Masters in Communications Management from the University of Southern California.

We’re grateful Eric made his way back to Northern California. His quick wit and dexterity comes in handy here at the agency. Specializing in social media, analytics and media relations, Eric has landed client coverage in top-tier publications such as Forbes and CNET, and is the agency’s guru for any and all computer and equipment-related issues (thank you, Eric!!). Since joining the agency in 2017, Eric has supported media strategies with top tier companies such as TDK and OnScale, and is also an invaluable member of the KC marketing team.

Eric inspires the Karbo Com team every day, but who inspires Eric? “I’m very inspired by those who live creatively,” says Eric.  This includes Anthony Bourdain, who Eric credits for his cultural curiosity, love of lox bagels, sushi, street food, and Italian and Mediterranean cuisines.



Five Fast Facts:

Pets – Autumn, domestic shorthair tortoiseshell cat

Dessert of Choice – Tiramisu

Favorite Movie – Back to the Future

To make great work happen? A level head and drive to win

A happy life must include: Lifelong friends that age like wine, manual transmission, and great food.


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