Meet The Team | Lauren, Senior Account Executive




When asked to describe Lauren Burge, our CEO Julie Karbo often uses one word: ”rockstar.” Given how gracefully Lauren handles the pressure of the spotlight and spearheads Karbo Com’s presence in Los Angeles, we can’t help but agree.

As a Senior Account Executive at Karbo Com, Lauren leads strategic thinking and communication for clients Clearsurance, The Tylt, Subtext, and Harmony Helper. Lauren has secured interviews at top tier publications like The New York Times, and recently scored coverage in Fast Company for leading integration and analytics software company TIBCO.

Born and raised in California, Lauren moved to San Francisco when she was 17 to attend the University of San Francisco. As an English major with a minor in journalism, it was there that Lauren cultivated her love of storytelling.

Wordsmithing wasn’t the only love Lauren discovered in San Francisco. Lauren tells the story of how she fortuitously met her fiancé David at the locally famous El Toyanese taco truck like it was yesterday. “It was honestly, crazy! We had so much in common that we both felt like we were meeting someone from a past life,” Lauren says.

Starting her career in public relations, Lauren took a position at Highwire PR where she cut her teeth working with industry giants like IBM and DarkTrace. With offices located in New York City, Lauren was able to fulfill a lifelong dream and live in the city that never sleeps—adding it to the growing list of iconic cities she’s called home.

In her free time, Lauren loves exploring the urban sprawl of LA and often seeks out new and exciting places to grab a beer and a bite. When she can spare the time, she’ll bring along one of her many vintage cameras (her favorite is a Rolleicord), and will compose shots en-route. “Shooting with film cameras makes the process of taking a photograph so much more intimate and delays the gratifaction of seeing the final product,” Lauren explains.

Most recently, Lauren has been teaching her french bulldog Gizmo how to ride a skateboard. According to Lauren, french bulldogs possess remarkably good balance and are known to enjoy the activity. To indulge her curiosity, Lauren bought Gizmo his own skateboard and to her excitement he’s really taken to it!

In 2020, Lauren looks forward to expanding Karbo Com’s reach and securing new business opportunities, particularly in the tech verticals she’s passionate about such as data security. We have no doubt this “rockstar” will succeed in achieving that goal.





Five Fast Facts

Essential ingredients for a happy life include: Family, friends, a lot of laughter, a job you are passionate about, and frequent travel,

Favorite movie of all time: The Big Lebowski

Biggest adventure: Backpacking through Europe. I visited Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague with five of my close friends.

Weirdest job you ever had: Working at a retail golf shop in Palm Springs, CA.

Choice of dessert: Key lime pie.



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