Meet the Team | Margaret Pereira, Sr. Vice President



An insatiable reader and self proclaimed word nerd, Senior Vice President Margaret Pereira is always in the company of a good book. Ask her which career she’d pursue if she wasn’t working in PR and she’ll tell you she’d be working in a library or bookstore. Stop by her desk and you’ll notice the “Will Work for Library Books” sign on display there. (Let the record show that Karbo Com does not compensate employees in secondhand literature).

As a young girl growing up in Palo Alto, CA, Margaret wrote stories, poetry, and plays. After reading Louise Fitzhugh’s Harriet the Spy, Margaret’s fate was sealed: she graduated from her position as Teen Reporter at her local newspaper and set off to pursue a journalism degree at San Jose State University.

After a successful career as a journalist, Margaret made the jump to PR—and we’re lucky she did. In her 16 years under the Karbo aegis, Margaret has directed some of the agency’s biggest victories, helping to win clients such as eBay Advertising and TDK and securing game-changing client coverage in Forbes, TIME, and The Wall Street Journal. An industry vet, Margaret knows tech PR inside and out.

For those looking for a book recommendation, Margaret suggests the work of Viet Thanh Nguyen, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Sympathizer. “He inspires me with his thought-provoking descriptions, and his use of obscure words with the perfect definition! I looked up at least 25 words while reading his book.” But ask the logophile for a few of her favorite words and in her thoughtful way she’ll tell you she doesn’t pick favorites. “I truly love them all. It’s more that I’m thrilled to find the perfect word for the situation.”

So we asked the Karbo Com team to name a few—words and phrases they would use to describe her:


“The eternal optimist.” – Sian Blevins, Account Director
“Exceptionally generous and thoughtful.” – Courtney Stack, Head of Content and Digital Marketing
“Delightful.” – Pouneh Lechner, Vice President
“Has a thirst for knowledge.” – Julie Karbo, CEO
“Ambitious and passionate.” – Erin Fogarty, Account Coordinator
“Bookworm, caring, warm and positive!” – Rachel Shatz, Associate Account Manager
“Kind hearted, effortlessly sharp, thoughtful.” – Madeline Kalicka, Account Executive
“Empathetic and considerate.” – Eric Pestana, Account Executive
“Voracious reader.” – Kim Lianthamani, Account Director

An irreplaceable member of Karbo Com, we are indebted to the mentorship Margaret provides to our team every day.


Five Fast Facts:

Dessert of Choice – Lemon Meringue Pie

Crazy But True – A stranger once offered $1 million for her legs

Can’t Leave Home Without – Something for Taking Notes

Professional Superpower – Staying Calm Under Pressure

Favorite Topic of Discussion – Family Travel Plans


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