Sep 23 2020

Karbo Communications Announces Advanced Social Media and SEO Offerings and Presence in Washington D.C.

  Agency Expands Social Media and SEO Services with a Social Listening Program, Social Media Creative, Technical SEO, and More SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Sept. 23,…

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Sep 17 2020


On today’s program we landed a couple of unplanned themes; namely silicon photonics and its role in both quantum and AI architectures. We also talk…

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Sep 13 2020

Infographic: Consumers Take to Social Media to Express Frustrations With Covid Tracing Apps

As Covid-19 ravages the globe, Hootsuite has been tracking how consumers are discussing the virus on social media. And what it’s discovered is that users are not…

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Sep 11 2020

The Woman Taking Over TikTok at the Toughest Time

Six weeks ago, as TikTok grappled with escalating tensions between the United States and China, the social media app’s top executives huddled together to figure…

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Sep 11 2020

Self-driving Indy race cars to compete for glory

There are few pursuits more taxing for team and driver than keeping an open-wheel race car on the track while competing at speeds in excess…

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Sep 5 2020

When journalism and Silicon Valley collide

I’ve often argued that tech companies are media companies and vice versa. There’s a future where these two industries are indistinguishable from each other. As this…

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Aug 20 2020

Social Media Is Making The Political Divide Even Worse

There is no denying that the political divide is as deep and as wide as it has ever been, but social media is making it…

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Aug 6 2020

COVID-19 and Cyber Security

Throughout history, people have taken advantage of chaotic situations to prey on those who let their guard down during disastrous events. Today, the world is…

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Jul 17 2020

Coronavirus-era fraud needs better biometrics than keystrokes

At the beginning of 2020, few could have imagined the world engulfed in a pandemic which would create such widespread disruptions of work and personal…

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Jul 10 2020

How the media business can build more trust during the coronavirus pandemic

With a dizzying amount of information being reported and amplified during the pandemic, it’s no surprise that roughly half of Americans say that they do not trust…

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