Jul 9 2020

Hootsuite’s new CEO has some thoughts about Facebook’s advertiser rebellion

Hootsuite, a tool that helps companies manage their social media accounts, has tapped a top executive from Zendesk as its CEO. Tom Keiser, formerly chief…

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Jul 9 2020

Publishers Try Sending News by Text

When BuzzFeed News journalist Mat Honan began texting readers the latest Covid-19 numbers and news in March, readers quickly proved that texting is a two-way…

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Jun 25 2020

Trump’s Visa Freeze Could Help Funnel Talented Workers to Canada

Donald Trump’s latest move to restrict immigration to the U.S. might wind up being a windfall for Canada. With Covid-19 travel restrictions in place, Justin Trudeau’s plan…

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Jun 23 2020

Karbo Communications Earns Record Number of Creative and Industry Honors in 1H 2020

  Continued dedication to client success brings recognition  SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 23, 2020 — Karbo Communications, a top-ranked U.S. technology public relations (PR) and…

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Jun 16 2020

Bob Leigh, Market Development for Autonomous Systems, Real-Time Innovations (RTI) – Interview Series

Bob Leigh, is the Senior Market Development Director of Autonomous Systems at Real-Time Innovations (RTI). RTI is the largest software framework provider for smart machines and…

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Jun 5 2020

The Brazil Tech And Innovation Round-Up: Fake News Vote Delayed, P&G Launches World’s First Social Accelerator, Housing As A Service, Micromobility, Mobile Fraud

Brazil’s senate was due to vote an anti-fake news bill this Tuesday, however that has been postponed until next week amid controversy over the potential ramifications…

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May 4 2020

Influence In The Time Of COVID-19 – Even A Global Pandemic Can’t Stop Social Media Influence

Influencers may have to “pivot” to stay relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic, but given that more eyeballs than ever are on screens, even as restrictions…

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May 1 2020

Coronavirus fears have inspired shaming and death threats online. This is how public concern turns into harassment.

As people adjust to the new normal of surviving a pandemic, many are documenting their quarantine activities online — a decision that often leads to…

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Apr 24 2020

COVID-19 has significantly changed our media habits according to new report

As you continue your life in lockdown are you spending more time browsing the internet from your mobile device? Across the world, many of us…

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Apr 23 2020

How Penguin Computing Is Fighting COVID-19 With Hybrid HPC

Penguin Computing President Sid Mair said the company is using its high-performance computing prowess on-premise and in the cloud to help researchers tackle the novel…

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