3 approaches to consider for your cross-channel attribution strategy

By Sam Mulinder, Client Insights Lead at eBay Advertising

Attribution in advertising today reminds me of a wide receiver scoring a touchdown in the NFL. As fans, we don’t just reward the player who scored the touchdown. What about the quarterback? Would the touchdown have happened without the offensive line protecting the pass, or the extra block downfield by the tight end?

With more data available each and every season, coaches and managers of the game are much smarter about how they build their teams and how they attribute value to their players. In the advertising world, we are just now beginning to get smarter when it comes to attributing value to our campaigns. It’s time to look beyond traditional methods such as last-click and last-touch attribution. Advertisers are beginning to understand that tracking techniques, such as cookies, are just one piece of a much larger puzzle. So what methods can advertisers use to understand the true success of campaigns at an individual partner level?


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