A Look at InvenSense’s Low-Noise, Low-Power, Waterproof MEMS Capacitive Barometric Pressure Sensor

A new MEMS capacitive barometric pressure sensor, from InvenSense, is said to be the industry’s lowest-noise and lowest-power pressure sensor.

InvenSense has released the ICP-101xx series of high-accuracy, low-power, waterproof barometric pressure sensors. Keep in mind, however, that while this family of pressure sensors includes four ICs—each with its own part number—only two of the four sensors are indeed waterproof.

By the way, is anything in this world really waterproof besides rubber? The touted waterproof rating of these two parts, specifically the ICP-10100 and ICP-10110, is IPx8, which is called out in the figure below as being waterproof to 1.5 m. And Section 1.2 (entitled Product Overview) clarifies that these ICs are only waterproof at 1.5 m for 30 minutes.

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