High-performance redundant Linear Hall sensor

The new TDK-Micronas (Freiburg, Germany) HAL 24xy Linear Hall-effect sensor family offers extended distance measurement, improved robustness and state-of-the-art diagnostic functions for applications under stringent conditions. The HAL 24xy uses TDK-Micronas’ latest technology node, a new digital architecture as well as further-enhanced Hall plates (there is also the dual version of this product—the HAR 24xy). It provides an improved output linearization by incorporating a flexible compensation function with 16 programmable setpoints. In addition, angles up to 180° can be measured even with a simple magnet configuration. Major characteristics such as magnetic field range, sensitivity, output quiescent voltage and output voltage range are programmable in a non-volatile memory. Due to the sensor’s versatile programming characteristics and low temperature drifts, the company claims the HAL 24xy is the optimal system solution for applications such as distance and linear-movement measurements; angle sensors, such as throttle position, pedal position; EGR applications and contactless potentiometers and current sensing.

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