Nexenta Announces NexentaFusion 1.0 Community Edition and NexentaStor 5.0

Nexenta has announced the availability of the enterprise and community edition of NexentaFusion 1.0 and version 5.0 of NexentaStor, the company’s OpenSDS solution. Featuring an intuitive user-interface, efficient workflows, DevOps friendly self-documenting REST APIs and rich storage analytics, NexentaFusion 1.0 and NexentaStor 5.0 are designed to save on operational costs.

Touted as being able to simplify the deployment and operation of Software-Defined Storage infrastructure at any scale, NexentaFusion 1.0 uses a single pane of glass to manage multiple NexentaStor appliances. NexentaFusion also has intuitive provisioning and configuration workflows, and features advanced analytics dashboards for pro-active alerting and simple troubleshooting.


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