RTI in ‘“Safe Software” Now The Table Stakes For Suppliers To Electric Vehicles’

As expected, understanding and unearthing the almighty dollar uncovers a shift in behavior. “There absolutely has been a culture change,” Genc injects firmly. “I have been in automotive since 1998, and it used to be entirely about fuel economy and emissions. In the past ten years, the safety culture has really transformed; maybe because electric vehicles have us sitting near 800 or 1000V. As an automotive engineer, I see that mentality shifted because we had to: there’s no way to include all of this technology without talking about safety.”

“Our customers, OEMs and suppliers, have not only asked for a small footprint, enabling a heterogeneous supply-chain and flexible ecosystem, but have especially required bringing automotive grade quality for safety and reliability,” confirms RTI’s Director of Automotive, Pedro Lopez Estepa.



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