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Covia Labs came to Karbo Communications to help the company shape its positioning and media/analyst outreach strategy to support Covia’s  launch and initial marketing initiatives aimed at the public safety, homeland security and defense markets. The company had spent several years developing a unique software platform that enables secure interoperable communications across an unlimited number of diverse devices, from smart phones to proprietary police and fire department radios to weapons systems. Karbo Communications helped Covia develop a positioning platform that directly related to the communications interoperability issues faced by the men and women in public safety and the U.S. Military. It focused on key issues that Covia solves, such as the inability of public safety personnel to communicate or share information with other agencies or partners responding to the same incident or mission due to incompatibilities in their infrastructure or equipment.



While Covia was more than two years away from launching a formal product, Karbo Communications developed a thought leadership program that inserted Covia executives into news media coverage and other conversations surrounding communications interoperability issues, such as FCC activity and U.S. Congressional legislation on the issue. Karbo Communications also utilized breaking news events, such as the interception of reconnaissance drone transmissions by Iraqi insurgents, to position Covia executives as expert sources for news media articles on the topic.

Another thrust of the Karbo Communications program for Covia focused on developing a series of contributed articles on key industry issues that were placed in leading trade media.



Through an aggressive outreach program, Karbo Communications has secured coverage for Covia in the following media. The company is now regularly covered in these publications through a strategic PR outreach plan that continues to leverage breaking news and key trends in the public safety and military communications market. Karbo Communications has also secured significant coverage for Covia engagements with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

A sampling of media placements for Covia Labs:

Karbo Communications also secured the following award and speaking opportunities for Covia:

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