Meet the Team | Claire Cameron-Johnson, Account Coordinator



It’s not uncommon for Account Coordinator Claire Cameron-Johnson to track a little sand into office with her. When she’s not spearheading Karbo Communications’ events program, Claire can be found soaking up rays at Panther Beach, just north of Santa Cruz (her favorite — and the only secret location she’ll divulge). “I feel most at home at the beach, it’s a pretty healing and meditative space to be in,” Claire says.

She must draw energy from the ocean because Claire is ebullient, and the coolest cucumber (or coconut) in the office. Claire is no stranger to pressure and handles change with the experience of someone well beyond her years. 

Claire grew up serving at the soup kitchen with her Mom during the holidays and continues to make helping her community an important part of her life. When she can spare the time, Claire engages in community service to ensure she’s always making an effort to give back.

Claire is a strategic thinker, a skill that comes in handy while she manages Karbo Communications events program — which helps us get involved in all sorts of cool industry events like the IoT World Conference and TechCrunch Summer Party.

Early into her college career, Claire pivoted from her studies in education to PR and marketing, earning a B.S. Marketing from San Jose State University. We’re so glad she found her passion, as her skillset has become invaluable here at Karbo.

Since joining the agency as an intern a year and a half ago and then earning a quick promotion to AC, Claire has made waves at Karbo. Her list of superlatives includes securing a huge story for client DiamondPro in ZDNet, getting coverage for RTI in Semiconductor Engineering, and capturing a spot for 8th Wall on the Everything VR & AR Podcast.




Five Fast Facts:

Pets – No pets right now but I’m planning to get a French Bulldog!

Dessert of Choice – Gelato, always.

Your biggest adventure – Moving away and being on my own in SF has definitely been an adventure for me.

Weirdest job you ever had: A very brief stint as a hand model

A happy life must include: Dogs and Mexican food




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