Meet the Team | Erin Fogarty, Account Coordinator



It’s true, pretty much no one in the office can keep up with relentless energy our stellar Account Coordinator Erin Fogarty commits to her projects. Raised just outside Tahoe, Erin grew up hiking trails nearby and must have learned a thing or two about persistence from her favorite activity. She does not take no for an answer, and is committed to finding a way to reach the top no matter the terrain.

Graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in Communications and minor in Marketing positioned her perfectly for her dream career in tech PR. 

Since joining Karbo almost a year ago, Erin has hit the ground running on every account she’s joined. She plays an integral role on the Tylt, Pigeon, RTI, Harmony Helper, and Project Text teams and recently secured press coverage for Project Text in Digiday—whose site garners over 1 million unique visitors every month. 

A creative at heart, Erin is a major contributor to Karbo Com’s Meet the Team feature and loves getting involved/collaborating with our internal marketing team. 

Most recently, Erin moved from SF to begin trailblazing Karbo Com’s first physical presence expansion into the tech hub of Seattle, and we could not think of a better emissary. “After so many years in San Francisco, I’m excited to start this new journey in Seattle! I am going to miss Karl the Fog though…”

Erin describes herself as the perfect balance between a media nerd and a social butterfly. “I feel like I have a pretty even balance between the days I curl up to watch a movie or read a good book and getting together with a group of friends.” If anyone is looking for a great book recommendation Erin highly rates Tom Hanks collection of short stories, Uncommon Type.

In her first year at Karbo Com, Erin has quickly fashioned herself into a steadfast and integral member of the KC team, providing invaluable participation on client and creative projects alike.



Five Fast Facts:

Can’t leave home without:  Snacks. Unless I’ve already eaten them for the day, 9/10 I will have snacks in my posession!

Favorite Movie –  Begin Again

Your biggest adventure: I once was leading my two best friends on an 8 mile round-trip hike. It was very mild in difficulty, but I accidentally took us on a wrong turn for an extra 2 miles each way. We had to find our way back in the middle of nowhere as it was getting dark and we had no flash light.

What/who inspires you to think differently? My best friend, Kira. She is comfortable enough with me to tell me when I am overthinking something or approaching a situation in the wrong way.

Tell us about your pets: I have an Australian Shepard named Rocky. He will be 13 this year and has been a part of my life for a good chunk of my childhood and young-adult life.



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