Mentoring in PR: How Guidance and Collaboration Drives Value and Enables Success

In public relations, storytelling is essential. PR professionals have a passion for finding the most compelling elements surrounding a client’s product, company and market and crafting stories that others will find fascinating. And while one voice is certainly strong, a story culminates to its fullest when multiple voices are heard.

At Karbo Communications, our collaborative atmosphere is what binds us as a company. We know that the way we work best is when we work together, and we strive to have our unity reflected in our work every day. We come together to brainstorm creative ideas, share feedback on pitches, and discuss opportunistic trends, bringing together multiple talents toward common goals.

But, this type of collaboration and unity doesn’t only occur when we work on behalf of our clients. From our founding in 2001, Karbo Com has implemented a very strong and active mentor program.   In our program we aim to foster relationships among colleagues in a supportive and constructive environment where growth is encouraged every day.

Successful mentoring isn’t black and white.  It should be tailored to suit the individual as well as the culture and objectives of the agency. Our program goes into effect the minute a new employee walks through our doors. We pair them with a team member who becomes their direct supervisor and mentor. This person is typically assigned to similar accounts so they work closely and can share feedback and various insights.

This relationship goes beyond simply handing out and completing assignments. The mentor is there to guide the new team member in the company culture and serve as someone they can come to with questions or concerns, no matter what.  Then each quarter, a senior team member will invite them to a one-on-one lunch where they are free to discuss their position at the company, including identifying what is working well and any skills they’d like to develop.  They can also ask questions and bring ideas to the table.

By embracing mentoring programs, companies can create a more engaged and better trained workforce. The program shows employees that the company cares about them and wants to see them succeed, which in turn, leads to higher job satisfaction and a return on investment for the company.

Prior to joining Karbo Com just over a year ago, I had just graduated from college and I didn’t have any experience in tech PR. I was excited and eager to learn, but was overwhelmed at times with the fast-paced nature that comes with working in technology. Yet through the mentor program, I was guided along every step of the way. I was given projects that encouraged me to try new things and think outside of the box, and I was consistently given feedback, so that I could continue to improve. Today, I feel confident in my skills as a public relations professional working with tech clients. I know that I received, and continue to receive, a truly well-rounded and hands-on experience and I am grateful for this program and our team-focused environment each and every day.