Inseego seeks growth for partners through work from everywhere offerings, Podcast

“It’s not just about ‘I need to be connected,’ but beyond that it’s about business continuity,” says Kathleen Clarke, Partner Recruitment Executive at Inseego. “How can we plug into things? SD-WAN. Going to the edge with the network providers,” adds Clarke. In this podcast, Clarke discusses the signature partner program Clarke has been developing, leveraging Inseego’s relationships and offerings, into a simplified way for partners to grow their businesses by simply selling products and services that line up with very current demands of a hybrid workforce. We learn about how Inseego is helping partners win in fast growing verticals with offerings that very closely match business needs, and with an approach that each partner can carve out their own identity, suited for their respective markets. As we enter the second half of 2023, Clarke offers a roadmap for partners to achieve growth, and to achieve growth in whatever economic environment emerges. Inseego is a leading business and enterprise wireless broadband & IoT solutions provider.

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