Karbo Communications Launches Artificial Intelligence (AI) PR and Digital Marketing Practice

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Karbo Communications, a leading global technology PR and digital marketing firm, today unveiled its AI Practice to help companies own the AI narrative with customizable communications and digital marketing solutions designed for immediate business impact. The company has worked with AI innovators from startups to billion-dollar brands over the last twenty-five years, giving it deep experience and perspective on the needs of AI-focused companies. Karbo Com’s AI team experience includes working with Nvidia, IBM Watson, Meta, Penguin, Cornelis Networks, AppDynamics and other influential brands.

The company also announced the formation of a comprehensive AI Blueprint, which includes AI guidelines, a code of ethics, as well as best practices for the use of AI tools and workflows in PR, content development and digital marketing.

“Standing out in today’s fiercely competitive AI market is a make-or-break challenge,” said Julie Karbo, CEO and founder, Karbo Communications. “Twenty-five years ago, when I began working with AI startups, it was all about educating people about what AI was and how it could provide long term value. Today it’s still about communicating business value, but less about convincing people that AI is here to stay. Now it’s about breaking through the noise through differentiation, strategic services, and a creative perspective, while addressing the ancillary issues around privacy, ownership, compliance and security. Our AI Practice is purpose-built to tackle the unique challenges AI companies face today and tomorrow and deliver new customers, partners, funding and staff. No other agency has the AI experience Karbo Com has.”

Whether it’s an AI startup, a company integrating AI into their product line, or a multi-billion-dollar brand acquiring or building AI solutions, Karbo Com hits the ground running by delivering awareness, differentiation and thought leadership that leads to sales and market share. In a world where visibility and public perception can determine the fate of AI related businesses, a standard-issue approach won’t address their unique challenges. With a track record of top-tier media hits, differentiated branding/rebranding and content development services, Karbo Communications offers a unique mix of deep AI knowledge, experience in communicating AI technology and benefits with the current AI tools and perspective.

“In 2016, I wrote a blog that espoused the value of AI in business and consumer applications, including “conversational commerce” and data analytics’ disruption of business processes,” added Karbo. “While others are now jumping on the AI bandwagon, we’ve been seeing the importance and value of AI for decades. We have the entrenched practices and knowledge development that other agencies are just starting to visualize. Our clients see the value of that foresight and experience every day.”

More information on Karbo Com’s AI Practice and experience can be found here. Karbo Com’s extensive proficiency goes beyond AI to SaaS, fintech, security, smart systems, green tech, e-commerce, supply chain, data analytics, MarTech, high performance computing, and more. Karbo Com offers special startup packages and for a limited time, will provide a Share of Voice analysis for companies seeking services.

Lauren Burge
Head of Media Strategy


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