Time-series database Timescale adds vector search for AI

Timescale Inc., the creator of a cloud time-series database that’s based on PostgreSQL, is looking to cater to artificial intelligence developers with the launch of its latest vector capabilities.

Announced today, Timescale Vector sits atop the company’s cloud-based PostgreSQL platform, enabling the management of vector embeddings alongside the relational, time-series, analytics and event-based data that it could already handle. Developers now have access to all of the data needed to power the most advanced AI models from a single database, the company promises.

Timescale, which has raised more than $70 million in venture capital over a series of funding rounds, is the creator of a time-series database that stores information chronologically, in the order that it is generated. This is useful for applications such as application logs, which describe the latency computing systems have experienced over certain timeframes.

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