The Hunger Behind the Veneer of Our Thriving Community

K/F is proud to be a member of the San Francisco community.  When we come to work each day, we marvel at the growing, vibrant tech conclave in the South of Market (SOMA) area where our office is located.  AT&T Park is nearby, and trendy office space and restaurants are sprouting up everywhere. Coolly casual people abound.  In addition to the natural and man-made beauty of the City — the freedom, passion and intellectual spirit ofSan Francisco play significant roles in shaping the character of the area and of us as residents.  It’s an exciting place to be.  But while our tech economy is thriving, as longtime residents of this area we’re always cognizant of the people in our community that are struggling to find jobs, shelter and even food.  We believe that helping these people is not optional; it has to be done.  To that end, the K/F office closed recently so that the company could volunteer at the San Francisco Food Bank.  This worthy organization distributes over 100,000 meals each day to people who otherwise would not eat.

We arrived, checked in and were quickly given a tour, gloves and hairnets.  The K/F team spent the day taking large crates of cereal and dividing the contents into individual portions, bagging, labeling and boxing.  The smell of frosted flakes filled the air.  We were divided into about 25 small assembly lines.  People settled into their tasks.  We talked and laughed.  Other companies were there with us that day.  We worked hard, and all of us felt that in some small way we were making a dent in solving an enormous problem.  By the end of our shift, we’d prepared hundreds of pounds of food that went out the next day to locations throughout San Francisco and Marin counties.   It seemed like a lot, but at the same time it didn’t seem like it was enough.  We’ll be back.

We want to thank the San Francisco Food Bank for giving us the opportunity to help them feed the people that rely on them.  We want to thank our team for working hard and with a lot of heart.  More information about the growing problem of hunger around us can be found at  Please do what you can to help. The investment in time and effort pays significant dividends.  Most importantly to those that are suffering, but also to those that stop to help.